Like all Digital Humanities projects, Mill Marginalia Online is an ongoing collaborative effort.  The following persons have contributed directly to the project thus far:


Project Direction and Editorial Content:

Albert D. Pionke, Project Director

Emma Annette Wilson, Co-Principal Investigator


Website and Database Encoding:

Tyler Grace


Metadata Schema:

Mary Alexander



Albert D. Pionke


Identification and Collation of Marginalia

Hazel Tubman

Joanna Raisbeck



Carissa Schreiber

Lauren Davis

Julianna Waynick

Kaitlin Wright


Additional Research Assistance:

Carissa Schreiber

Holly Burdorff

Lauren Davis

Julianna Waynick

Nadia DelMedico

Kaitlin Wright


Institutional Collaboration:

Anne Manuel



Nikki Tomkins, Oxford Conservation Consortium